Hi, I’m Nicole Busch. Welcome to House of Blair. Just imagine ...
Emotions evoked by a familiar scent filling our space. 
Feeling more settled as you arrange fresh flowers. 
Comfort from the warm glow of a flickering candle. 
Soaking into a mountain of bubbles after a long day. 
Sipping wine from the perfect glass. 
You learn a few things about what home really feels like when you move more than 10 times in two decades. As my husband and I traveled the world for career changes, I became a master mover.  Within three days, our house was turnkey – drapes hung and pillows fluffed. After each move, I felt a deeper need to create a home with love and belonging.  
I became intentional, discovering the process of creating a home, taking notice of feelings – as well as design. I discovered home comes from an ambience. House of Blair was born when I began designing products with great care and intention to take any space from a house to a home. 
You are about to experience House of Blair - designed to evoke mood, nostalgia, emotion, and fill any space with love and belonging. Welcome home.